Why consider a Youth

Life Coach?

Youth Coaching has become recognised as an invaluable source of support for young people to help them cope with the demands that today’s world places on them. Youth Coaching is designed to encourage personal development in teenagers and young adults, whilst providing an outlet for their stresses and anxieties.

One of the most difficult things for teens to do, is ask for help. Their emotional struggles at this age prevent them from treating parents and even teachers as confidantes. During adolescence, problems may arise that overwhelm the teen to such an extent that they may lose complete motivation and give up. If not addressed, these problems can have far reaching and negative consequences on the teen’s future and even adult life.

Add to this the normal confusion of growing up and the conflicting and confusing messages they receive through social media, the peer pressure from friends to conform and a lack of a solid identity and a multitude of problems can arise, e.g. promiscuity, substance abuse, lack of motivation and focus, anger, relationship issues and academic problems. Before these issues escalate to this stage, life coaching can intervene and divert.